30 01 2011

Educating the mind… Enlightening the spirit… Empowering the body.

(Pronounced ‘essentially’), Essential~E Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Inc. is a therapeutic health and wellness practice providing exceptional solutions for  individual and  corporate wellness.

Essential~E Therapeutic  is built on three fundamental principals: Educating, Enlightening, and Empowering. We believe that through client education we continue to build on the wealth of information regarding therapeutic massage and its many benefits. By doing so, we successfully equip our clients, in addition to or conjunction with traditional medical practices and treatments, to best determine the most effective solutions for addressing their health and wellness concerns. It is our philosophy that once educated; one then becomes enlightened as to what is available to them in the way of less invasive, more affordable, equally effective, alternative and complementary therapeutic options. This in turn, empowers the client to become more proactive in developing a comprehensive plan of action for moving toward their optimal health.


Become Educated, Enlightened, & Empowered TODAY
111 N. Wabash, Suite 2120
Chicago, IL 60602
773.732.3163  p
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