Onward and Upward

18 05 2014

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 As most of you read in last month’s newsletter, after seven incredible years, on May 1st, 2014 Essential~E Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Inc. closed our wellness center and phased out our private practice sector of the business in order to redirect and refocus our efforts on areas that will allow us to serve you, as well as the therapeutic massage, health, and wellness  community at large, with a more effective, more robust scope of practice.

We are excited to be able to utilize these changes to bring our Corporate Wellness, Infant Massage, Wellness Education & Management programs to you in ways that will
Educate, Enlighten & Empower you like you’ve never seen before! Stay tuned….

Please visit our Partners In Wellness for several great practitioner options to help you continue to meet your individual health and wellness goals.

Be Educated. Be Enlightened. Be Empowered




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